Thursday, September 1, 2016

Health Care Facilities - Start-up Requirements

In this day and age each facility Manager generally wears any number of hats and their time is always at a premium. Especially Managers that are given the task of procuring the supplies to facilitate a new start up facility. I have been very fortunate to be involved in supplying linen and laundry related products to many new start up facilities in the past 25 years. It has been my experience that working closely with the project purchasing manager well in advance of the buildings completion has provided the best formula for success. When a new facility opens its doors to potential new residents (clients) it is very important that the facility has the necessary supplies, staff and procedures in place to reflect a professional appearance and attract these new clients.
If the purchasing manager has a relationship of trust and gets strong support from his/her's suppliers, this can translate into opportunities for the supplier to work as a consultant in the purchasing process. After all, most suppliers have a wealth of knowledge in their field of expertise and are more than willing to go the "Extra Mile" to provide top notch customer service. In Purchasing terms they would call this "consultative value added service". Although it is prudent for Purchasers to seek out competitive pricing on goods and services required for these start up projects, it is also important to attach value to those trusted suppliers that offer tangible, value added service to the process. This type of valued service can save Project Managers both time and money when it comes to start up procurements.

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