Monday, December 5, 2016

How to get the most out of your linen.

After nearly 30 years in the institutional linen business I have experienced nearly every conceivable problem a facility can run into with regards to their linen supply. If your facility is genuinely interested in saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on linen replacement costs, I will provide you some helpful, cost saving tips in this series of blog posts. For more information about our products visit

Tip #1
Cheaper linen is not always the answer. It has been my experience as a linen buyer and seller that cheap doesn't exactly mean cheaper. In most cases I have found that with cheap linen, as with most cheap things, it just doesn't stand up as well as quality made products.  
Case in point: A large institutional laundry account I serviced wanted to purchase 22x44" White bath towels. I quoted on two different quality products. The cheap one at $1.40 each and the better quality one at $2.10 each. The customer had been using a 22x44" towel that was priced at $1.50 each but found he was only getting 35 washing/drying cycles out of them before they had to be removed from service. $1.50 / 35 = .042 per use. I mentioned to him that our better quality towel had regularly provided customers with a minimum of 55 washing/drying cycles. I pointed out that these towels would provide a lower cost per use than the cheap towels. $2.10 / 55 = .038 per use. He agreed with my methodology and decided to purchase the better quality towel. Not only did he save on a cost per use basis, he also got a pleasant surprise after using the towels for a few months. One end user of the product told him how much she enjoyed using a better quality bath towel and how much softer they were on her skin.

This is a great example of how choosing the right product can not only save your facility money, it can also make you look much better in the eyes of "your customers".

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